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About us

EKOSYSTEM was established in 1992 and right from the start, it continued the activities of a consortium of three private entrepreneurs of the same name, present on the market since the beginning of 1990.
EKOSYSTEM is strategically focused on products in the fields of ecology and water management, with supplementary plagiarism checker percentage production of plastic welded parts, locksmithery and wood production.

History of the company

Our initial years of existence were characterized by activities related predominantly to handling old environmental burdens, especially those financed by the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic.

The dynamic development of the company in subsequent years motivated a further expansion of the scope of our activities to include other fields. This particularly includes water management and the resolution of its complex issues. Products of the company include the treatment of potable and process water, the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater, and comprehensive solutions for water management systems including the introduction of water recirculation and restoration. Complex products in the field of water management include an adequate range of activities, from technical and project preparation to installations of technological equipment and the delivery of complete investment units.

A sound base was built for the aforementioned activities of the company to support our own development, structural design and the production of numerous technological devices and building products, particularly for the decontamination of contaminated water and soils and the production of potable or process water, as the case may be, and for line-based water management buildings such as water lines with water treatment plants and drainage systems with wastewater treatment plants. The majority of equipment produced by the company is made based on our own know-how. We have also developed specialized consulting activities related to ecology, such as the processing of environmental audits of varied focus and purpose-prepared environmental studies, ecological burden risk analyses, and assessment of the effect of buildings and technologies on the environment. An expert group was established in order to provide comprehensive services for the removal of ecological burdens; the group is focused on the management and implementation of geological surveys of rock environment contamination, design of rehabilitation intervention projects, and organization of technical work in the rehabilitated localities, all the way up to the removal of environmental problems, including control monitoring of the locality after its rehabilitation.

EKOSYSTEM has had to establish its own building division to perform building work related to the removal of ecological burdens and the delivery of investment units of water management constructions; the division ensures the sequence and management of building work for the above activities, as well as for other municipal construction.
Expansion of production of the company was conditioned by the development of production capacities. A new, specialized plant was therefore built in Libuň in the district of Jičín, designated for the production of welded tanks and other how to write a good thesis statement for a critical analysis products made of plastic semi-products, successfully establishing an ever-stronger position for the company on the national market, thanks to its products, since the beginning of 1999.

Present situation

EKOSYSTEM is currently one of the leading specialized organizations active in the field of applied ecology, and is stable among manufacturers of related equipment on the national market, with applications abroad as well. Interest in our products in neighbouring countries can be documented by numerous implemented deliveries in Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. Application of our products on foreign markets is an important part of the strategic development of the company.

The long years of effort to increase the quality of our services and products also resulted in obtaining a quality management certificate pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 9001 in February 2000.

Other characteristics that ensure the high quality of our products include numerous specialized authorizations of company employees as well as certifications of specific products (in the sense of Act No. 22/1997 Coll.).

The major principles of our business strategy consist in providing the widest possible assortment of quality products and services in the scope mentioned above, as well as in our welcoming approach to the individual requirements of our customers, aimed at establishing long-term cooperation based on mutual trust and bilateral benefit.

In terms of our internal structure, EKOSYSTEM is divided into independently managed divisions named as follows:

  • Geological survey work
  • Production and rehabilitation work
  • Chemical technological processes
  • Environmental audits and consulting

Important clients of the company include, in particular, industrial enterprises in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, the gas industry, and the storage and distribution of fuels, as well as state administrative bodies (Land Fund of the Czech Republic, Ministry of the Environment, National Property Fund of the Czech Republic), local governmental bodies (community and metropolitan authorities), the Army of the Czech Republic, and entrepreneurial persons in the field of the construction industry, gas industry, energy industry and applied ecology. The services offered to these clients also include applications of ecological control systems, including their establishment pursuant to ČSN EN ISO 14001 and integrated prevention and limitation of contamination.

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