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Remediation Work

Old Environmental Burdens

Old environmental burdens – that is, contamination of the rock environment and groundwater with pollutants of mostly industrial origin – are still a major environmental threat today that are often difficult to eliminate and require specialized processes and techniques. Remediation of such contaminated sites is our principal line of business.

EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive services in this area, ranging from the design of survey work to the installation and operation of remediation equipment.

The fundamental stages of the process are as follows:

  • Survey work
  • Any additional or specialized surveys for the specification of remediation measures
  • Risk analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of remediation work project designs
  • Installation of equipment and semi-operational testing
  • Remediation work proper
  • All forms of monitoring during remediation
  • Post-remediation monitoring, including final evaluation of remediation success
  • Intermediate development of sub-project designs, assessment reports, opinion papers and expert assessments. All the steps include hearings in compliance with legislation in force.

Our company does remediation work in a way that – wherever possible – does not result in disruptions to the operation of industrial facilities. For these reasons, we prefer non-invasive remediation techniques with an emphasis on in-situ techniques. If needed, however, we will excavate any quantities of contaminated earth.

We have the following remediation techniques at our disposal:

  • Remediation pumping coupled with equipment for trapping petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, arsenic and other pollutants
  • Venting
  • Bio-venting
  • Air sparging and stripping in boreholes
  • Bio-slurping
  • Biodegradation in situ
  • Chemical oxidation in situ
  • Heavy metal precipitation in situ
  • Earth rinsing, using bio-preparations or surfactants as needed
  • Construction of protective hydraulic barriers and drains
  • Controlled attenuation
  • Combined methods

In coordination with other companies and institutions, we can also arrange rock environment steaming, thermal desorption, construction of reactive barriers, and other specialized methods. We are involved in researching and developing advanced remediation techniques and their practical verification in the form of pilot testing. At present, these include bio-slurping, chemical oxidation using potassium permanganate, groundwater and surface water purification using reverse osmosis, and sulphidic heavy metal precipitation. The expert community is periodically informed about the results by means of articles in journals and our participation at conferences and seminars.
The remediation equipment used is of our own design and manufacture. All the design, assessment and site management work is done by specialists in hydrogeology and geochemistry with a focus on remediation work.

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