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Products in ecology and water management

Water Treatment and Purification

EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive solutions to water management issues. We offer solutions for treatment of drinking and process water as well as treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater by supplying new assemblies or refurbishing existing plants.
As part of our water management solutions, our staff provides customers with comprehensive services in this area (elaboration of studies and project designs, implementation of component as well as comprehensive deliveries).


The comprehensive services offered by EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. in water management:

  • elaboration of a design for the optimum technical solution to a given problem;
  • elaboration of a technical and commercial bid;
  • elaboration of technical data for the production of project documentation;
  • elaboration of project documentation (as per legislation in force), or cooperation with the customer’s designer;
  • engineering works (building notification, arrangement of building permits);
  • comprehensive turnkey deliveries:

arrangement of component sub-deliveries,
manufacturing and supply of our own process assemblies,
installation of machinery and process assemblies,
installation of piping,
installation of heavy-current electrical components,
installation of M&C (metering and control) electrical components,
commissioning of the delivery,
operator training;

  • arrangement of laboratory analyses of treated and purified water;
  • elaboration of operating rules or operating and maintenance manuals;
  • provision of periodic servicing supervision over the delivered equipment.

In its deliveries, EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. makes use of knowledge gained not only through its own research activities and the use of both standard and novel technologies; it also uses machinery and equipment supplied by reliable and long-standing suppliers and, above all, products of its own production (component plastic process equipment: horizontal aeration reactors, fast-mixing reactors, open filters, stripping towers, reaction, retention and storage tanks, and other complete assemblies: septic tanks, biofilters, earth filters, MČA, MČA SBR and MČA MBR domestic wastewater treatment plants and EKOKOM standardized treatment plants).

Our deliveries employ the following treatment processes:

Physical processes

  • filtering (open gravity filtering, pressure filtering, filter pressing, etc.);
  • sedimentation;
  • flotation;
  • sorption;
  • desorption;
  • membrane processes (micro-filtering, ultra-filtering, nano-filtering, reverse osmosis, etc.);
  • thermal processes (evaporation, crystallization)

Chemical processes

  • precipitation;
  •  oxidation;
  • reduction;
  • ion exchange

Biochemical processes

  • aerobic processes (activation processes, nitrification, denitrification, biofilters);
  •  anaerobic processes (digestion)

EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. employs the above processes for the elimination of various water components for the benefit of its customers.

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