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Drinking and Process Water Treatment

The bullets below list the water parameters that are adjusted using standard treatment processes to make the treated water meet the requirements set by Ministry of Health Executive Decree no. 252/2004 Coll. for Act no. 258/2000 Coll. on public health protection and certain acts of law, as amended, or the customer’s requirements on process water quality.


  • removal of Fe and Mn (oxidizing, filtering);
  • removal of NH4+ (oxidizing, nitrification);
  • removal of NO3-, NO2- (denitrification, reverse osmosis, ion exchange);
  • removal of heavy metals (precipitation, coagulation, sorption in sludge flakes, sedimentation, filtering);
  • removal of Rn (intense aeration, stripping);
  • removal of CO2 (aeration, stripping, deacidification in deacidification fill);
  • water hardening – addition of calcium and magnesium to the water (filtering through deacidification fill, addition of CO2 and Ca(OH)2 or addition of Ca and Mg salts);
  • pH adjustment (addition of acids and lyes);
  • reduction of chloride and sulphate content (reverse osmosis, nano-filtering);
  • removal of Ca and Mg – water softening (nano-filtering, ion exchange);
  • removal of arsenic (adsorption, coagulation, ion exchange);
  • removal of organic contamination from surface water (coagulation, sedimentation, filtering)


In addition to the above processes used in treatment of water for substances normally present in it, EKOSYSTEM spol. s r.o. offers the removal of other components that are not commonly contained in water.


  • removal of gases such as H2S, which may occur in groundwater (aeration);
  • removal of volatile organic compounds (aeration, stripping);
  • removal of PAHs – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (coagulation, sorption);
  • removal of radionuclides – α and β activity (sorption, coagulation);
  • removal of humic substances (coagulation, filtering);
  • dechlorination with activated carbon (filtering);
  • water decarbonization (acidification, stripping)

Hygienic and bacteriologic safety is an integral part of water treatment. In our deliveries, we employ hygienic safety methods based on chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and UV radiation.

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